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CSL. Course Approval Numbers CS-9200-9201-9202-9203-9204 -9205 Coordinator Number CSL-CD-0092 Hoisting ID HECE-000032



Any person with an EXPIRATION date of July 1, 2013 or later will need to confirm that the continuing education (CEU’s)
have been satisfied.

  • How do I know how many CEU’s I need?
    I have an Unrestricted License (CS-xxxxxx) – 12 CEU
  • I have a Restricted License (CSFA-xxxxxx) – 10 CEU’s
  •  I have a Specialty License (CSSL-xxxxxx) – 6 CEU’s regardless of how many specialties
  • (Masonry; Roofing; Window/Siding; Demolition; Solid Fuel; Insulation)
           When do I have to complete the CEU’s by?
  • You will receive your renewal form approximately 60 days before your expiration date. It is recommended you
    complete the required CEU’s by this time.
    You will need to attach a copy of any certificates received showing you completed the required CEU’s to your renewal
  • Where can I find a list of courses that have been approved by the BBRS?
    On the DPS website. Or click on COURSES then click on ‘CSL Continuing Education Courses’. ALL COURSES
  • Are ON-LINE courses available?
    Yes. On-line courses as well as classroom are available.
    Check the DPS website by clicking on COURSES then click on ‘CSL Continuing Education Courses’.
  • I already attended a course; How do I know if it has been approved?
    You should have received a certificate of completion with course number listed on certificate.(All courses begin with a
    Check the DPS website by clicking on COURSES then click on ‘CSL Continuing Education Courses’.
  • I have the certificate of completion; Now What?
    Keep the certificate and return a copy with your CSL renewal form.
  • I already sent my certificate in; do I have to submit another with my renewal form?
    YES, a copy of your certificate will need to be sent in with your renewal form.
  • I cannot find my certificate; what do I do now?
    Call the Coordinator or instructor and request another certificate.
  • My license does not expire until March 3, 2015 I already completed the required 12 CEU’s. Do I have to take the course again?
    No, this will be accepted when you renew in 2015 because this is the first time you are required to provide the required
  • How often do I have to complete the required CEU’s?
    Every two years when you renew your license.
  • When should I take the required courses?
    Within your two year renewal period. Complete by the time you receive your CSL renewal (60 days before your
    expiration date).
  • Any additional requirements besides the required CEU’s?
    Each license category requires at least 1 hour each of the following subjects to be covered during training:
    • Code Review
    • Workplace Safety
    • Business Practices / Workplace Safety
    • Energy (except Demolition Specialty License)
    • Lead Safe Practices (only first renewal cycle)