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CSL. Course Approval Numbers CS-9200-9201-9202-9203-9204 -9205 Coordinator Number CSL-CD-0092 Hoisting ID HECE-000032


Continuing Education for Construction and Industry

Boston Continuing Education is an online continuing education resource for construction supervisors in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas. Owner Timothy Chupinski is a construction supervisor who is still active in the field, and offers this online resource for residential contractors, as well as some commercial applications. OSHA training videos are used in conjunction with our curriculum to provide all of the information needed to continue operation.


Unrestricted license 12 hour course and Restricted license 10 hour course 

12 hrs unrestricted Classroom portion 6 hrs $175.00 - Classroom 12 hrs $250.00 - Online 6 hrs $75.00

10 hrs Restricted Classroom portion 6 hrs $175.00 - Classroom 10 hrs $250.00 - Online 4 hrs $75.00

12 hour Course number CS-9200

6 hour Classroom of 12hr Course number CS-9203

10 hour course number CS-9201

4hr online course number CS-9204

6hr online course number CS-9202


Section 1 - Code Review of current code changes and amendments 9 edition 4 hours

Section 2 - Work place Safety OSHA / Silica 2 hours

Classroom or online

Section 3 - Business practices,Workman comp.- 2 hours 12 hr course, 1 hour 10 hour course

Section 4 – Lead safety (Not RRP)- 1 hour 10 & 12 hour course

Section 5 –Green building, Leeds and recycling 1 hour 10,12 hour course

Section 6 –Architechual access board 2 hours 12 hr course, 1 hour course

Specialty license 6 hour course  

Classroom 6hrs $150.00 - Online $125.00

6 hour Course number CS-9200

Class Room or online

Section 1 - Code Review of current code changes and amendments 9 editions - 2 hours

Section 2 -  Work place Safety OSHA  / Silica - 1 hour

Section 3 - Business practices,Workman comp - 1 hour

Section 4 - Green building, Leeds and recycling - 1 hour

Section 5 - Lead safety (Not RRP) 1 hour

Hoisting License Continuing Education classroom or online & Prep class

1C/2A 6hour class $175.00

1C 4 hour class $ 125.00

1D 4 hour Class $125.00

2A 4 hour Class $125.00

2B 4 hour Class $125.00

2C 4 hour Class $125.00

2D 4 hour Class $125.00

Hoisting prep class 4 hours with study book $125.00


10hr for Construction 2 days

4 students $210.00ea

5 students $175.00ea

6 students $150.00ea

Special ----Osha 10hr class with 6 CEU hrs classroom credits for CSL continuing Ed $275.00

30hr for construction-4 days

4 students $525.00ea

5 students $475.00ea

6 students $450.00ea

Call for corporate or large groups

Other Training

Silica Training 4 hours $150.00ea

24 hour Fall protection $380.00ea 4 days

Veteran and senior discount available and ask about Group Discount !

These courses have been approved by the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations & standards for continuing Construction Supervisors License and Education

Course Approval Number CS-9200-9201-9202 -9203 Coordinator Number CSL-CD-0092

Class, Construction Supervisors in Marlborough, MA

Required Education

All construction supervisors in the state of Massachusetts are required to take these continuing construction education courses. The course is just 12,10,6 hours, and you will receive a certificate of completion. During the online course, you’ll go over, Massachusetts building code review, current amendments, insurance, and building practices. You’ll also have a firm understanding of OSHA safety, lead safe practices, project management, and green building and the Architechual Access Board. The course is designed to improve your future capability and foster the safest, most productive work environment possibly.


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